Top Concrete Facts

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Top Concrete Facts

Concrete. It’s the world’s most important building material for ancient and modern societies. It’s also the source for fun facts, from its historical use to its applications today. Check out these insights about concrete — they’ll give new meaning to the phrase “concrete facts!”

What You Didn’t Know About Concrete in Ancient Times

If you’ve browsed through our website, you may already know that ancient Rome developed concrete, or “pozzolana,” as they called it. Romans made concrete with lime, water and Mount Vesuvius’ volcanic ash.

Concrete today consists of gravel and sand (also known as aggregate), plus water and air. Many concrete delivery companies, including Marstellar Oil and Concrete, offer specialized mixes for different kinds of projects. We use additives, for example, to control concrete’s physical properties like shrinkage, permeability, strength and workability.

Romans didn’t use strength additives when they built the Pantheon’s dome in Rome, but it remains the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world.

We haven’t helped construct an imitation Pantheon dome, but we have helped homeowners with a do-it-yourself attitude. Our concrete deliveries to homeowners throughout Central PA have assisted in numerous renovation projects, from brand-new patios to reinforced foundations.

What You Didn’t Know About Concrete in Modern Times

Do you know why concrete is so popular? Its ingredients are widely available, but more importantly, it’s strong and resistant to water and fire. Concrete is one of the few materials used in underwater structures such as dams.

Projects for dams, or even the ongoing road construction in Harrisburg, are dependent on concrete. They also rely on concrete delivery companies that arrive on time. If you’ve ordered oil or concrete from us, you probably know from experience that we value your time, which is why we arrive on schedule so you can move ahead with your project.

And did you know one of the largest concrete projects began in New York City?

When it finished, the Trump International Hotel and Tower became the largest concrete building in the world. The hotel has more than 90 stories.

No — like the Pantheon Dome, we didn’t deliver concrete to New York City. Our concrete delivery is only for Central PA. In Pennsylvania, we’re able to build lasting relationships with the community and our customers by providing the character of a small-business with affordable prices and quality service.

Which brings us to our last concrete fact: concrete is the go-to material for basement walls and building footings because it’s uniquely cost-effective.

Our dual operations — of heating oil and concrete delivery throughout Central PA — help us keep operating costs low so we can pass that benefit to you.

If you’re interested in learning more about concrete, just ask. We’re more than happy to talk about “concrete facts!”

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