Heating Oil Self Life

How Long Does Home Heating Oil Stay Good?

When it comes to heating oil, it’s tempting to fill the tank, buy some extra to keep on hand and forget about it. However, you may have heard that there is a heating oil shelf life. Can heating oil go bad? The answer, unfortunately, is yes. Will the furnace oil that’s sitting in your tank right now go bad? If you’ve just bought it for this season, it probably will not. As for any oil left over after the cold weather ends, that depends.

How Long Will Heating Oil Keep?

So how long does heating oil stay good? By most accounts, your heating oil should last anywhere from a year and a half up to two years, if stored properly. Therefore your current store of oil, providing you got it fresh, should last you through this cold season and maybe the next, but you may not want to keep your hopes up beyond that.

Why Does Heating Oil Go Bad?

There are a number of factors that contribute to the degradation of your heating oil, but most of it comes down to the natural bacterial action in the tank and any contamination, like water, rust or sludge, that finds its way into the tank. There are steps you can take to preserve your heating oil, though eventual breakdown is unavoidable.

What Can You Do to Stop Your Heating Oil From Going Bad?

There are fuel additives that can help your heating oil last a little longer. Unfortunately, it’s hard to say how much longer, and if it extends your oil life a few months in the summer, that doesn’t really help you. Also, a clean tank that has been inspected for any major defects can help you enjoy longer fuel life, but you’re still not likely to get far past that outer two-year limit.

If you’re worried about getting stuck with excess fuel that goes bad and wasting money, one solution is to buy your oil in smaller batches. The problem is that most oil distributors don’t like to sell oil in small batches. They’ll want to sell you batches of 100 gallons or more, and you might even find yourself paying a premium for that amount.

If you live in the central Pennsylvania area, however, Marstellar Oil and Concrete may provide the perfect solution. Not only do we offer highly competitive prices on all our heating oil, but we are also happy to deliver batches of heating oil as little as 50 gallons at no additional charge. If you are located in Dauphin, Cumberland, Perry, Juniata, northern York, southern Snyder, western Lebanon or western Lancaster counties, this is the way to go. If you run out, you can always order more. It’s easy to place a quick order online and have your oil delivered in virtually no time at all.

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