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Hummelstown’s Heating Oil Delivery Experts

Marstellar Oil and Concrete is a family business offering home heating oil delivery to Hummelstown, PA residents. We understand the need for affordable oil pricing, reliable delivery and convenient service, and we work every day to make your experience better. Count on us for fast service to Hummelstown and throughout Dauphin County. Place your order online or contact our office for assistance.

Heat Your Home All Winter Long With Marstellar Oil and Concrete

We know you have a choice when it comes to heating oil in Hummelstown. Here are three reasons why Marstellar Oil and Concrete is your best bet in a long Central PA winter:

  • Low rates: We are proud to offer some of the lowest rates per gallon in the region. Compare our prices to averages posted by the U.S. Energy Information Administration and see how much you can save.
  • Fast service: Based in nearby Duncannon, PA, we are ideally situated to fulfill orders in Hummelstown and beyond. We’ve made the conscious decision to keep our service area local, allowing us to do more with a smaller fleet of vehicles and to fulfill almost any order within two days or less.
  • Fair delivery fees: Need oil today? Express service is available for just $49 — one of the lowest prices in our region.
  • Online ordering: Our online ordering platform makes scheduling a delivery as easy as checking your email. You can even pay online ahead of time to avoid having to float a check or worrying about having enough cash on hand when our driver shows up.
  • Respect for your home: While we’re on your property, Marstellar Oil and Concrete will treat it with the respect of a good neighbor. Our drivers arrive on time in a clearly marked truck, work quickly and leave no mess behind.

Discover for yourself the benefits of choosing Marstellar Oil and Concrete for your home heating oil delivery in Hummelstown. With no contracts to sign, there’s no risk and no long-term commitment involved in placing an order with us.

Placing Your Order

We’ve worked hard to make ordering heating oil as easy as possible, whether you’re in Hummelstown, Harrisburg or anywhere else in Central PA. Our online ordering platform is accessible around the clock, allowing you to schedule a delivery or pay a bill at your convenience.

We understand that, while heating oil is something that affects your home and your finances, it isn’t — and shouldn’t be — something you think about every day. Online ordering lets you place an order as soon as you realize you’re running low. From there, we’ll do the rest and schedule a delivery within two days or less. With this system:

  • You save time and don’t have to have to wait on hold while we arrange your delivery.
  • You can instantly check up-to-date heating oil prices and place an order when rates are low.
  • You know exactly what your delivery will cost, and can pay in advance to avoid carrying cash using Visa, MasterCard or Discover.

Online ordering also helps us keep our overhead costs low. Unlike a lot of Hummelstown heating oil suppliers, we run a lean and local operation, passing the savings onto our customers in the form of low rates and low delivery fees. Visit our online portal to view current pricing and place your order today.

The Delivery Process

Ordering heating oil online is only one step in getting the fuel you need. After your order has been accepted, you can count on Marstellar Oil and Concrete to streamline and simplify the delivery process. We will:

  • Get your fuel to you within two business days or less
  • Provide express same-day service in an emergency, for a small additional fee
  • Arrive on time, as promised, and work quickly to minimize the inconvenience to you
  • Treat your home as if it was our own and clean up any mess that’s left behind
  • Work with eligible households to complete the paperwork necessary to claim LIHEAP and other needs-based assistance grants

Our fleet includes nine well-maintained fuel trucks capable of delivering heating oil anywhere in Hummelstown. To reduce the risk of an emergency repair interrupting a delivery, we keep all equipment in our fleet in peak working condition at all times. This also helps us keep our service and repair expenses low — important benefits that help us run a more cost-effective operation.

If you’re looking for a heating oil supplier in Hummelstown, go with a company that will treat you like a friend and neighbor. Hummelstown is one of several Central PA towns where we offer fast and professional heating oil delivery. By keeping our service area small, we can respond to your needs better, with faster delivery times and personalized service that goes the extra mile for our customers.

How We Do It

What makes Marstellar Oil and Concrete different from other companies selling heating oil for Hummelstown homes? Unlike the competition, we offer both heating oil and concrete delivery, keeping our team working year-round. As a result, we can maintain our fleet and keep our business viable without inflating our prices during periods of high demand. Add to that an investment in sophisticated technology — such as our online ordering platform — that keeps overhead costs low, and it’s clear there is no better choice for your heating dollar.

As a leading provider of local oil delivery since 1997, we are proud of our reputation as a partner to homes and businesses throughout Central PA. Next time you need a top-up, order heating oil online or contact our office directly for assistance.

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