The Advantages Of Concrete

While you may have a vast choice of materials when it comes to your construction products, concrete has long been and continues to be a very popular option. So what are the advantages of using concrete — and how can you put concrete’s convenience to work for you?

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Top Concrete Facts

Concrete. It’s the world’s most important building material for ancient and modern societies. It’s also the source for fun facts, from its historical use to its applications today. Check out these insights about concrete — they’ll give new meaning to the phrase “concrete facts!”

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The Hows and Whys of Heating Oil

Home heating oil (HHO) is a petroleum product that is refined from crude oil. All home heating oil products are required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to be colored with a colored dye, usually red or pink, which marks them as not for highway use. This exempts those products from the state, local and federal taxes applied to fuels that are sold for use on public roadways and also marks them as illegal for public roadway use.

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Different Uses of Concrete

Concrete is a material that is very familiar to most of us. It’s a basic building block for our homes and other types of buildings. You may not realize the full scope of this material’s versatility, however, unless you consider the various uses for concrete.

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Concrete Production

Concrete is the most used building material in the world. We use more concrete than wood, aluminum, steel and plastic put together. It’s used in projects that range from dams to tunnels, from roadways to runways, driveways to patios, and increasingly in the home.

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