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If your home needs heating oil to operate in the colder months, you know how important it is to have a reliable delivery partner who can get you the home heating oil you need, when you need it. You also probably know how much of an expensive oil can be, as well as how drastically prices can change on a month-to-month basis.

At Marstellar Oil and Concrete, we believe finding the cheapest home heating oil in Harrisburg and beyond shouldn’t involve compromising reliable service. By leveraging our bulk buying power and keeping overhead costs low, we can offer affordable heating oil prices throughout Central PA. Below we have provided some facts to help you learn more about the price of heating oil as well as heating oil usage.

It is our goal to provide you with the knowledge you need to help you save money on your heating oil expenses. Heating your home should be affordable. Contact us today with questions about our affordable heating oil and how we can help you save this winter!


Heating oil can be quite an expense for a homeowner. However, if you home operates on heating oil, we provide affordable heating oil that competes with the costs of using other home heating methods.  Your home heating oil costs for the year can vary on the overall temperature throughout the year, especially how cold our winters get. On average it costs a homeowner about $2,100 a year or around $167 a month to heat their homes. The majority of home heating oil costs occur during the winter months, so you can expect to experience an increase in your home heating oil bill from late November to late March.

What Affects the Cost of Home Heating Oil?

Home heating oil costs can vary throughout the year. However, foreign affairs do not affect home heating oil prices as most people believe. The majority of oil in the United States is produced domestically. This means that contrary to popular belief, events overseas have little effect on the price of home heating oil in Harrisburg.

So what does affect prices? The biggest factor that affects the cost of home heating oil is seasonal demand. Heating oil is a commodity — the more people who want it, the more expensive it is to buy. In Central PA’s temperate climate, there is little demand for heating oil in the warmer months. As a result, prices spike every winter when the temperature is frigid.

How can I Find the Cheapest Heating Oil in Harrisburg?

Over the past year, heating oil has been steadily decreasing. In the past five years Pennsylvania, home heating oil hit a high price of $4.055 a gallon in February of 2014. However, on average this February 2016 the price of home heating oil sat at $1.80 per gallon. While heating oil has reduced over the past year, buying you heating oil online in bulk from Marstellar can save you further costs.

As we discussed previously heating oil often costs more in the winter months when it is in high demand. The best way to avoid seasonal price increases in the cost of oil is to buy in the summer or choose a supplier with the buying power necessary to keep costs low year-round. That’s why smaller fuel delivery companies — who can’t afford to buy fuel in bulk — often charge more. However, we have the capability to buy our heating oil in summer to keep your costs lower year round.

At Marstellar Oil and Concrete, we’re proud of our reputation for having the cheapest house heating oil prices in Harrisburg. Our ability to keep costs low without sacrificing the level of service we provide our clients is a measure of our success.

Compare our heating oil prices with other Harrisburg-area suppliers, and you’ll instantly see the savings. Our rates are consistently lower than the competition, with special discounts available for orders of 100 gallons or more. We also make your process of ordering heating oil as convenient as possible. You can order your heating oil online, and we will deliver it directly to your door.

Heating Oil Usage

Knowing how much heating oil you need is an essential part of ordering your heating oil online. Like heating oil pricing, heating oil usage varies with the temperature.  Ordering the correct amount of heating oil can save you money in the long run because buying in bulk will be less expensive for you.

Here is a chart that shows how much heating oil will burn an hour based on the temperature. Also, included in this chart is the approximate number of days 50 gallons of home heating oil will last you. Use this chart as a guide when ordering home heating oil.

Average Temperature Gallons Used in 24 hours Number of Days 50 Gallons will be gone
15 7.8 6.4
20 7.0 7.2
25 6.2 8
30 5.3 9.4
35 4.5 11.2
40 3.7 13.6
45 2.8 17.8

This graph serves as an average guideline for the amount of heating oil you will use. However, if you like to keep your house warmer, or if your house leaks air more than the average home, you could use up your heating oil at a faster pace.There are ways however to reduce the amount of heating oil you use and its cost. Below are some ideas on how you can save on home heating oil expenses.

How can I reduce my home heating Oil Costs?

While it is impossible for you to control the ebbs and flows in the average price of home heating oil throughout the state. It is possible for you to reduce your heating costs overall by following some best practices for your home. Heating a home can be very expensive, and unfortunately home heating oil can be used up quicker if your home is experiencing any problems that allow cold air to leak into the house.If you are looking to see a decrease in your home heating oil costs this winter follow these tips on reducing home heating oil costs:

  • Replace worn weatherstripping. Worn weather stripping around doors and windows will cause unnecessary cold air to enter your house during the winter month. This will increase the amount of home heating oil you use and ultimately affect your home heating oil costs this winter. By replacing these weather strips you will be saving yourself money.
  • Fix your door threads. If you can see light under your doors to the outside, you are allowing cold air to leak into your home. Like replacing your weather stripping, replacing your door thread to have a tight fit will help save you money on home heating expenses.
  • Cover windows and sliding glass doors with plastic. Plastic covering provide an air tight seal that can further protect cold air from leaking into your house. Plastic film is rather inexpensive but can save you a lot of money on home heating costs.
  • Insulate you attic doors. Your attic is most likely the coldest portion of your home during the winter months. That is why it is important to insulate the attic door in order to prevent that cold air from leaking down into the other portions of the house.
  • Use the sun as a natural heating source. Even during the winter month, the heat of the sun can help to provide natural heat for your home. Keep your shades open during the day to help your home gain some natural heat.
  • Seal duct leaks. Unfortunately, airs ducts often leaks which less make heating systems less expensive. It is important to check the ductwork in your basement or attic to make sure there are no leaks in your duct system. It is estimated that between 20-30% of the air that goes through your air ducts is lost due to air duct holes, and poorly connected seems. Begin saving money on your home heating oil costs by placing mastic sealant or metal tape over any holes or cracks you find in your air ducts.
  • Block your chimney. If your home has a fireplace, it is important to make sure your chimney isn’t letting cold air into the house. Chimney balloons can help block airflow  and save you money on your heating bill.
  • Keep heating registers clear. What’s the point of spending money on heating oil when it is not actually heating the open air? In order to reduce home heating oil costs. Make sure that your floor registers or other heating vents are clear from obstruction.

Committed to Excellent Service in the Harrisburg Area

At Marstellar Oil and Concrete, we want to provide you with the facts you need to keep your heating oil expenses low this winter. We believe you should be able to find affordable heating oil and information that will save you money on your monthly heating bill. We also believe that affordable home heating oil shouldn’t be a hassle. That is why we offer a number of value-added services that make heating your home as convenient as it is cheap.

Order heating oil using our secure online platform and pay in advance, so you don’t have to worry about having cash on hand. We’ll schedule a delivery at your convenience, usually within two days of receiving your order. Need heating oil delivered faster? Same-day express service is available for a small additional fee.

For affordable heating oil in Harrisburg and beyond, contact Marstellar Oil and Concrete today.

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