Why Pennsylvania Heating Oil Prices Change

Understanding Pennsylvania Heating Oil Prices

Heating oil is an important expense for any home that relies on it — and, often, a costly one. Shopping around to find the lowest home heating oil prices is the best way to ensure you have the fuel you need on hand, without breaking the bank. Understanding some of the factors that affect home heating oil prices today can help you make more informed purchases and, ultimately, save you money all winter long.

What Affects the Price of Oil?

Oil is a commodity and, like all commodities, its market price goes up when demand is high. However, market pricing isn’t the only factor affecting what you pay. In fact, suppliers who buy in bulk can offset market fluctuations and offer rates below the current home heating oil prices in PA.

Administrative and delivery fees make up a large portion of your heating oil bill, and they’re set entirely by your supplier. A well-organized supplier with a well-maintained fleet of delivery vehicles and streamlined processes will have lower overhead costs and will be able to offer more competitive fees.

So while it’s easy to sit around and blame foreign events and other forces beyond your control for today’s home heating oil prices, when it comes to how much you’ll spend keeping warm this winter, it is your choice of a supplier that makes the most significant difference.

That’s where Marstellar Oil and Concrete comes in.

How We Keep Prices Down

Marstellar Oil and Concrete is proud to offer affordable oil delivery to customers throughout PA. Heating oil is just one of our two main service offerings. In the summer, when oil sales are low, our team is busy providing concrete delivery to homes and construction sites.

By diversifying our business, we keep costs spread out over the year, and don’t have to worry about seasonal slowdowns. Compare our rates to current heating oil prices in PA on the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) website to see how much you can save by making us your exclusive supplier.

We are able to offer low home heating oil prices without compromising the level of service we provide our clients. Same- or next-day delivery is available to homes in Dauphin, Juniata, Perry and Cumberland counties, and to the northern portion of York County. Online ordering makes getting the oil you need easy, while keeping our administrative costs down saves you even more.

Place Your Order Today

Use our online ordering form to check current home heating oil prices in PA and schedule a delivery. You can even arrange payment ahead of time using Visa, MasterCard or Discover, so you don’t have to worry about having cash on hand when our driver shows up. We also accept payment vouchers from LIHEAP and related programs.

Got a question about our current home heating oil pricing? Call or email our office directly for assistance from one of our helpful team members.

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